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Welcome to Milky Way Jewels! We offer high quality vintage jewelry in a wide variety of styles from many eras. Our goal is to celebrate the beauty and diversity of this wearable art form while offering information resources which we hope will help you to better understand, appreciate, and preserve these charming heirlooms.


The large inventory at Milky Way Jewels has been categorized for ease of navigation. From any page in the site you will be returned to the site map home page by clicking on the word Home at the top or bottom of the page, or by clicking on our Art Deco bracelet logo at the center top of each page. From the home page you can browse in categories such as:

BY JEWELRY TYPE – Click on the appropriate link to see all of our current necklaces, bracelets, brooches, etc.

BY DESIGNER – Dozens of designers are listed here. Click on the appropriate link to see all of our current offerings from that maker and a brief description of the company’s history.

BY ERA/STYLE/MATERIAL – If you are searching for jewelry from the Art Deco, Victorian, or Retro eras, this would be a good place to start. This category also includes materials such as copper and plastics. Items we believe are particularly well suited for wedding or formal wear have their own link in this category. Regional styles such as Scandinavian, Mexican, Siam Silver, and Native American are represented here, as well as special areas of collecting such as Sweetheart Jewelry.


We use Google’s powerful search capabilities to help you find exactly what you want. Be sure to click the circle which reads Search to stay within our site when using the search feature. The search tool can be found on the home page or by clicking on the word SEARCH to the left of our logo on each page.

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RECENT ADDITIONSMilky Way Jewels is updated frequently. New additions to the site are shown on this page. Be sure to visit often so you don’t miss out on something special!

Jade Art Glass Flower Brooch MUST HAVES - This special feature highlights vintage jewelry compatible with the current styles. We monitor the latest collections of leading designers and help you find the perfect accessories to make your look contemporary yet utterly unique and individual. Jewelry appropriate for the season is also shown in this feature.

Carved Bakelite Perfume or Scent Bottle Brooch Superstars – Here we feature special pieces of extraordinary quality and rarity. These are items often considered especially desirable by the most discerning collectors. This is a great section to browse when searching for a very special gift for a loved one.


We take great pleasure in offering educational resources to help you develop and refine your collection. Vintage jewelry offers a window to the past. You can see how the jewelry was worn by viewing vintage photographs. Or become a jewelry detective, using vintage jewelry ads or patents to date your pieces. We maintain an archive of previously sold jewelry so researchers can study a wider range than might be available in our current inventory. You’ll also find tips on the care and cleaning of vintage jewelry.


We hope that you will take time to read about our payment, shipping, and return policies and encourage you to contact us with any questions. We have tremendous fun bringing this jewelry to you, and we want you to be happy with your experience here.


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