Vintage Photos
Period photographs help us to understand the era in which our treasured jewelry was first worn. They give context, showing the types of jewelry which were worn together, the fashions with which they were worn, and glimpses of the women who wore it. Women of every era have chosen to adorn themselves with jewelry, but age and socio-economic status, in addition to the fashions of the time, have influenced the jewelry these women considered appropriate and attractive. These faces from the past help to bring history alive, and the jewelry becomes even more precious when we think about the beautiful women who first wore it.

Motorcycle Babe

Miller Time

Night on the Town

Dripping Pearls

Martha Benshoof 14 Years

Seattle Girl

Portland Stenographer

Swedish Patriotism

Just Me

Four Generations of Nebraska Women

West Yorkshire Beauty

Wisconsin Jewelry


Palm Trees and Charm Bracelet


Linda Parrish “Singsation of the Nation”

Ruth Carol McCormick

Black Velvet

New Year’s Eve

Pacific Northwest Navy Family

Costume Party

A Happy Marriage

Seed Bead Lariat Necklace

Polaroid Selfie

Mother and Daughter

Filigree Brooch

With My Love

Glass Beads

Family Portrait

Wedding Corsage

Peoria Pendant Necklace

1960s Christmas

1938 Beret and Bow Brooch

1929 Portland Beauty

Eternal Love

Centralia Matron

Indiana Siblings


Victorian Wolverhampton Lady and Friend

Edwardian Cameo Drop Necklace

1945 Mexican Silver

Dimples in Seattle

Victorian Enamel & Pearl Earrings

Heart Locket Choker

Mary Elizabeth Duffy, September 1928

1930 Walter Lampl Necklace

Elephant Necklace

Large Cameo Brooch

Massachusetts Feminist

Miss Davison

Crowning Glory

Aunt Rosie - November 1893

Young Jewish Woman - Little Rock, Arkansas

Florence LeSueur Davies, Christmas 1914

Helen Newell at Starved Rock, 1938

Autumn in Vermont

Florence LeSueur Davies


Victorian Serpent Brooch


1890s Tacoma Belle

Wisconsin Gibson Girls

Washington State Pioneer Family

1958 Groom's Lapel Brooch

1958 Bride and Mother of the Groom

St. Louis Accordion Player

New York Woman

Twin Falls Flower Girl

Yakima Matron

Love, Dorothy - 1945

Retro Era Bird Brooch

New York Victorian with Fringed Mesh Bracelets

Eva Maxson of Milton, Wisconsin

Pearls and Roses

Minnesota Victorian Girl with Photo Brooch

1889 Victorian Fob Brooch

Victorian Bracelets

Old West Mother

Martha Whittlesey - 1939

1939 Mary Baledon Berzunza

Charlotte Cleo Meyers in 1962

Anna Helen Thacker - 1939

1939 Dorothy Lucille Russey

Joan Blackmore - 1939

1937 Mexico City Woman in Tehuana Costume

Rosa Maria, "Queen Churubusco X"

Amalia Joseph Ramon - 1939

Delia Cubillas, "Queen Churubusco VI"

Simone Ussel, "Queen Churubusco VII"

1937 Alma Julia Viderique Coya

Rosa Louise Kahley in 1871

Evelyn and Ernest - 1912

Marjorie Peacock, "Queen Churubusco I"

Peggy Taylor in 1943

Victorian Bookchain Necklace

1940s Pearls

Victorian Bracelet

Bellingham Beauty in a Velvet Hat

Graduated Faux Pearl Necklace

Braided Hair Watch Chain

Gold Bead Choker

Missouri Maiden

A Painted Lady

Arts & Crafts Pearl Necklace

Aunt Susan and Her Daughters

Dolly - 1900

Young Woman in Black - 1920s

Matron in Pearls - 1920s

Dancing Girl - 1920s

Mother and Child - 1920s

Edwardian Shoe Buckles - circa 1915

Edwardian Graduation Day

Edwardian Sisters - circa 1915

John Cook and His Daughters - 1880s

1920s Los Angeles Lady

Marguerite and Thomas - May 29, 1929

Marguerite Cook - 1900

Nellie Byron - 1890s

Schoolgirl Wearing a Middy Blouse - 1920s

Shirley - 1948

Shirley - 1949

1880s New Orleans

Victorian Child in New Orleans - 1890s?

Victorian Girl - 1880s

1890s High Fashion Lady

Victorian Teen - New Orleans 1890s

Victorian Haircombs - 1880s

New Orleans Girl

Hat-Wearing Mother and Child - 1890s

Young Woman with Parasol - 1890s

Victorian Girl with Flowers - 1880s

Victorian Mourning Brooch - 1880s

Young Victorian - 1880s

Victorian Stag & M Brooch - 1880s

Young Woman - New Orleans 1880s

Mary Alice Martin Hyde with Her Children - 1922

Victorian Widow and Son

Victorian Lace and Watch - 1890s

Mary Alice Martin circa 1900

Nancy Wearing a Lisner Necklace - circa 1951

Harry and Nemis - circa 1942

Party-goers - circa 1928

Norma Marjorie Durkee and Walter Louis Sonnenstuhl - 1932

Sailor Blouse with Pince Nez Glasses - Late Victorian Era

1920s Pearl Lavaliere

Edwardian Butterfly Belt Buckle - circa 1910

Daughter of the Last Caliph of the Ottoman Dynasty - circa 1920

WWII "Juarez Wings"

Alice & Robert Woods

Cordelia Gale Brown

Maude Robinson Frashour

Eliza Gale

Emily Gale Fine

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