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Outstanding DeLizza & Elster (Juliana) Flower Brooch
Item #CV131203

Art Deco Rhinestone Flower Brooch
Item #DL131231

Outstanding Victorian Gilt Sash with Pink Stone Pin with Pink Stones
Item #BC1312716

Ruby Rhinestone Karu Arke Leaf Brooch
Item #BH1322915

Jomaz Bejeweled Cornucopia Brooch
Item #BH1322916

Weiss Yellow Aurora Borealis Framed Flower Brooch
Item #BI13587

Trifari White Enamel Flower Pin
Item #AC1311264

Sterling Rose Gold Vermeil Amethyst Flower Pin
Item #AC1311266
1940s Gold Vermeil Pink Amethyst Brooch
Item #AC1311267

Trifari Great Blue Heron Jelly Belly
Item #AA1311121

Art Nouveau Pin
Item #AG69131

Huge Light Sapphire Crystal Napier Brooch
Item #BH132292

Schreiner Pink Moonglow Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #CD13232

1959 Trifari "Etoile" Art Glass Brooch
Item #BI13589

English Sterling Edwardian Morpho Butterfly Wing Brooch
Item #AS135191

Walter Lampl Sterling Locket & Watch Pin
Item #CG133316

Karu Arke Enamel Flower Wreath Brooch
Item #EB1391211

Sterling Fish Pin by Walter Lampl
Item #AN13531

Walter Lampl Sterling Flower & Red Stone Brooch
Item #CI135813

Miriam Haskell Natural Coral Wreath-Shaped Dress Clip
Item #CD132317

Black Magic Japanned Rhinestone Heart Pin
Item #AG137142

Joseff of Hollywood Art Nouveau Style Dress Clip
Item #BQ13741

Scottish Grouse Foot Brooch with Amethyst Rhinestones
Item #BQ13742

L/N Enameled Pot Metal Sailor Pin
Item #BC1312122

Miriam Haskell Faux Lapis Brooch
Item #AP1322113

Sandor Emerald Rhinestone Brooch
Item #CD13236

Colorful Rhinestone Butterfly Pin
Item #AA135298

Large Rhinestone Pot Metal Flower Brooch
Item #BU1310201

Graceful DuBarry Leaf Pin
Item #AF1312084

Silvertone Chain Link Flower Pin
Item #AF1312085

Sarah Coventry "Starlit Trio" Ribbon Brooch
Item #AF1312087

Red Maltese Cross Brooch
Item #BJ131017

Brilliant Blue & Pink Austrian Rhinestone Brooch
Item #AG1312292

Napier Rose Gold Vermeil Sterling Brooch
Item #BI135811

Big Purple & Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Cushion Brooch
Item #BM1342017

Carved Spinach Bakelite Leaf & Berry Brooch
Item #EA1382420

BSK Poppy Brooch
Item #CR13989

Mazer Sterling Crown Brooch
Item #BU1310208

Large Handpainted Porcelain Victorian Brooch
Item #BU1310209

Sapphire Blue & Emerald Green Rhinestone Flower Brooch
Item #AB137273

Topaz & Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Brooch
Item #CE132183

Fall Colors Rhinestone Dome Brooch
Item #BJ131033

Hobe Clown Face Brooch
Item #AI1310274

Carved Rootbeer Bakelite Maori-style Brooch
Item #BU13102010

Lisner Pink & Peridot Rhinestone Flower Brooch
Item #DL131234

Victorian Filigree Silver Amethyst Bar Pin
Item #BU13102014

1951 Trifari "Alfred Philippe" Basket Brooch
Item #BI135812

Juliana Style Aurora Borealis Pastel Yellow Brooch
Item #AC139298

Trifari "Alfred Philippe" Art Deco Rhinestone Dress Clip
Item #AV138134

Retro Cameo Locket Lapel Pin
Item #BM133168

Kramer Blue & Green Moonstone Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #AI1311113

French Rose Montee Flower Brooch
Item #DM1312102

Jade Shamrock Pin
Item #AH133151

Coro Wood Petal Flower Brooch
Item #CN13852

Chinese Filigree Musician Brooch
Item #AN13442

Mazer Sapphire Blue & White Rhinestone Pin
Item #AL135161

Swoboda Rose Quartz and Pearl Brooch
Item #BJ131034

Walter Lampl Blue Topaz Gold Fill Flower Brooch
Item #CE1321811

Walter Lampl Aqua Rhinestone Sterling Brooch & Enhancer
Item #AN133217

Joseff of Hollywood Victorian Revival Brooch
Item #EB1312206

Walter Lampl Sterling Flower Brooch
Item #AN13452

Art Christmas Tree with Candles Pin
Item #AN13461

Carved Bakelite Perfume or Scent Bottle Brooch
Item #CK136122

Yellow Rose Shell Pin
Item #AI13479

Boucher Turquoise Flower Brooch
Item #BU138102

Schiaparelli Iridescent Tulip Brooch
Item #CI1311251

Walter Lampl Sterling & Rhinestone Brooch
Item #AL134122

Black & White Lampwork Bead & Rhinestone Trembler Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #CJ135213

1940 Silson YWCA Patriotic Brooch
Item #CA138181

Coro Retro Bow Pin with Pink & Aqua Rhinestones
Item #AL134125

Fenichel Enamel & Rhinestone Swan Pin
Item #BH1322926

Big Kate Hines Scarab & Lucite Brooch
Item #AI13544

Sandor Enameled Yellow Flower Pin Pin
Item #AM13548

1950 Trifari "Alfred Philippe" Pink Molded Glass Flower Pin
Item #AA135410

Old Pewter Flower Urn Brooch
Item #AB135411

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