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Leaping Reindeer Brooch
Item #AT137103

DeLizza & Elster (Juliana) Blue Leaf Brooch
Item #AE138133

Takahashi Mountain Bluebird Pin
Item #DL131221

Sandor Big Red Poppy Brooch
Item #DC1311323

Claudette Topaz Japanned Brooch
Item #DC1311325

Rhinestone Leopard Pin
Item #BG13692

Trifari Jewels of India "Alfred Philippe" Faux Turquoise & Rhinestone Maltese Cross Brooch
Item #DE131266

Trifari Golden Leaf with Pearls Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #DF1342911

Matisse Enameled Copper Artist Palette Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #DD1311148

Trifari 1968 L'Orient Brooch
Item #DT134281

Exuberant Retro Blue Flower Bouquet Brooch
Item #DT134282

Weiss Faux Jade Butterfly Brooch
Item #DD13111415

Swoboda Coral & Jade Rose Bouquet Brooch
Item #BG13695

Floral Mini Mosaic Brooch
Item #DD13111417

Ruby Red Snowflake Brooch
Item #DT134283

Order of the Eastern Star Rhinestone & Enamel Star Pin
Item #DD1311216

Weiss Pink and Watermelon Rivoli Brooch
Item #DE131263

Native American Indian Chief Brooch
Item #DE131264

Art Deco Cascading Rhinestones Brooch
Item #DE131267

Sigi Pineda Sterling Boomerang Brooch
Item #BL1331513

Capri Enamel Zebra Pin
Item #DE131269

Lancette Sterling Faux Moonstone Pin Clip
Item #DE1312610

Rare Sonia Lee Large Sterling Quiver and Bow Brooch
Item #DT134288

1930s Enamel Florida Souvenir Brooch
Item #DT13551

McClelland Barclay Art Deco Pin Clip
Item #AG131261

Art Deco Rhinestone Flower Brooch
Item #AG131262

Golden Wirework Dog Brooch
Item #DI13835

Art Deco Aqua & White Rhinestone Brooch
Item #AG131266

Victoria Flemming Blue Roses Brooch
Item #AE1312271

Pennino Scrolling Rhinestone Brooch
Item #AE1312272

Ciner Circle Pin
Item #AE1312273

Enameled Sterling Orchid Brooch
Item #AE1312275

Large Spiral Rhinestone Brooch
Item #EB139122

Green & White Rhinestone Art Deco Brooch
Item #DM1312159

A. Michelsen Royal Copenhagen Handpainted Porcelain Flower Brooch
Item #AE13122710

Art Deco Rhinestone Dress Clip
Item #AE13122711

Walter Lampl Cinnabar & Turquoise Chinese Brooch
Item #DI13838

Coro Craft Retro Bow Brooch
Item #AC131144

Art Flocked Christmas Tree Brooch
Item #AC1311410

Carl-Art Sterling & Blue Rhinestone Basket Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #CD131203

Siam Sterling Filigree Thai Nakon Brooch
Item #CD131204

Blue & Green Austrian Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #CD1312017

Walter Lampl "Juarez Wings" Aircrewman's Sterling Sweetheart Pin
Item #CD131207

Early Walter Lampl 10K Jade Brooch
Item #CD131209

Art Deco Rock Crystal Sterling Brooch
Item #CD1312015

Elzac Green Thermoplastic & Lucite "Bonnet Head" Brooch
Item #CN131283

Early Walter Lampl 14K Cinnabar Brooch
Item #DM13121512

Trifari Modernist Gold-tone Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #AZ131273

Circa 1940 Red, White and Blue Pot Metal Eagle Brooch
Item #DT13554

1944 Sterling CoroCraft Crown Brooch
Item #AZ1312710

Gorgeous Green Stone Sunburst Brooch
Item #DT13555

Walter Lampl Sterling Valentine Dancing Girl Brooch
Item #CB1312710

Florenza Pearl Grapes Brooch
Item #CB1312711

Big Retro Sterling Gold Vermeil Flower Brooch
Item #CC13294

Walter Lampl Sterling Army Air Corps Lapel Pin
Item #CC13299

Moonglow Lucite Moth Brooch
Item #DV139716

Mink Afghan Hound Dog Pin & Earrings Set
Item #BT132154

Maurice Sterling Huge Retro Chatelaine Brooches
Item #BF132218

Marius Hammer Enameled Sterling Pin
Item #BT132156

Danecraft Sterling Calla Lily Brooch
Item #BT1321511

Magnificent Victorian Revival Patriotic Cameo Brooch
Item #AF133103

St. Labre Christmas Tree Brooch
Item #DV139718

Older Mexican Sterling Mayan Warrior Brooch
Item #AQ133163

Trifari Golden Feather Brooch
Item #DT13556

Trifari Modernist Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #AQ133236

Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Brooch
Item #AQ133237

Italian Mosaic Floral Brooch
Item #AR133234

Ora Rhinestone Harp Pin
Item #AR133235

Green & Gold Acrylic Stone Brooch
Item #DF133232

Etrusceana Flower Brooch
Item #DF133234

Red Plastic "Mother" Brooch
Item #BL1331514

Walter Lampl Sterling Palm Trees Pin
Item #CF136177

Breathtaking Eisenberg Red & Purple Rhinestone Brooch and Earrings Set
Item #DF1342510

Forbidden Fruit Fuchsia Rhinestone Pink Apple Brooch
Item #AQ135115

Eisenberg Crystal Rhinestone Brooch
Item #DF13583

DeRosa Retro Floral Pin Clip
Item #DF13584

Forbidden Fruit Lucite & Rhinestones Lemon Brooch
Item #DF13585

Delfino Mexican Silver Modernist Cat Pin
Item #DF13587

Marcasite Bundled Flame Pin
Item #BG13697

Art Nouveau Era Three Graces Cameo Brooch
Item #BG13698

Carved Bone Flower Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #BG136132

Red Navette Flower Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #BG136133

Golden Scimitar Brooch
Item #BG136137

Sterling Cultured Pearl Flower Brooch
Item #BG136138

Weiss Big Blue Rhinestone Brooch
Item #AQ135117

Walter Lampl Tiny Sterling Parrot Pin
Item #BK136154

Victoria Flemming Pennsylvania Dutch Rooster Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #BK136156

Early Mexican Sterling Obsidian Mask Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #CA138189

Edwardian 14K Amethyst Pin
Item #BQ138192

Beaten Copper Arts & Crafts Poppy Brooch
Item #CG138206

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