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Art Deco Black Enamel & White Rhinestone Bar Brooch
Item #BE138209

DeRosa Rhinestone & Pearl Sterling Fur Clip
Item #BE1311010

Huge Black and White Rhinestone Brooch
Item #BY139512

Eisenberg Modernist Abstract Brooch
Item #BY139517

Extraordinary German Art Deco Sterling & Poured Glass Brooch
Item #CK136124

Czech Pastel Flowers Brooch
Item #DM1312152

Modernist "Married Metals" Mexican Silver Pin
Item #BF131258

DeLizza & Elster (Juliana) Japanned Flower Brooch
Item #EB139121

Retro Sterling Bow Brooch with Purple & Green Rhinestones
Item #BF1312511

Nye Sterling Pine Cone Pin
Item #BF1312512

Magnificent Staret Scrolling Floral Bouquet Brooch
Item #BF1312513

Weiss Fringed Rhinestone Brooch
Item #DM1312153

Joseff of Hollywood Winged Victory Brooch
Item #EB1312207

Pair of Trifari Angelfish Pins
Item #BF1312517

Lampl Gold Fill over Sterling Retro Watch Pin
Item #BF13211

Walter Lampl Retro Gold Fill Flower Brooch
Item #BF13213

Lampl Coiled Wreath Pin
Item #BF13214

Walter Lampl Aqua Rhinestone Gold Fill Flower Pin
Item #BF13215

Trifari Green Enamel & Pearl Brooch
Item #BG13224

Symmetalic Sterling & 14K Flower Pin
Item #BG13229

French Art Deco Orange Green Rhinestone Flower Pin
Item #BG132192

Weiss White Rhinestone Rectangle Brooch
Item #BG1321910

Edwardian Conch Shell Cameo 10K Brooch
Item #BG1321912

Walter Lampl Carved Shell Cameo Victorian Revival Pin
Item #BI133134

Joseff of Hollywood Turtle Brooch
Item #EB1312208

Gilded Copper Handwrought Cattails Arts & Crafts Brooch
Item #BX138224

Gorgeous Blue Rhinestone Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #CY138267

Mazer Emerald Rhinestone Brooch
Item #EB13122010

Pink Moonglow Dress Clip
Item #ED1310112

Etrusceana Dress Clip
Item #ED1310118

Accessocraft Topaz Rhinestone Brooch
Item #BJ1332020

Early Colored Rhinestone Dress Clip
Item #BJ1332024

Harry Iskin Retro Gold Fill Watch Pin
Item #BK133252

Etrusceana Maltese Cross Heart Brooch
Item #ED1310119

Rare Walburt Sterling Sword Brooch with Turquoise & Onyx
Item #BK1332515

Walter Lampl Sterling, Moonstone, & Garnet Watch Pin
Item #BK1332516

Joan Rivers Four Birds on a Branch Brooch
Item #ED13101110

Walter Lampl Amethyst & Moonstone Sterling Bow Brooch
Item #BK1332518

Walter Lampl 10K Gold & Blue Topaz Bow Pin
Item #BK1332520

1993 "Roman Holiday" Brooch/Pendant by Jose Maria Berrera for Avon
Item #AP111143

Florenza Big Topaz Brooch
Item #AK13726

Asian Woman Face Brooch
Item #BX138225

Walter Lampl 14K Aquamarine, Ruby, & Diamond Retro Brooch
Item #BK1332525

Large Stunning Art Deco Pot Metal Rhinestone Flower Brooch
Item #CO13869

Amber & Horns Pendant Brooch
Item #ED13101112

Gold-Plated Submarine Pin
Item #BL13446

Hollycraft Opalescent Flower Brooch
Item #ED13101117

Sterling Retro Leaf Set - 2 Brooches with Earrings
Item #DM1312155

Lucite Moonstone Flower Basket Brooch
Item #BL134410

Green & White Rhinestone Art Deco Pot Metal Pin
Item #CL1361420

Amethyst Purple Rhinestone Retro Sterling Vermeil Brooch
Item #BL134510

Walter Lampl Sterling Mixed Bouquet Brooch
Item #BL134513

Delicate Walter Lampl Double Rose Circle Pin
Item #BL134514

Walter Lampl Sterling Gold Fill Reverse-Set Emerald Rhinestone Violets Brooch
Item #BL134515

Walter Lampl 14K & Garnets Flower Pin
Item #BL134516

Walter Lampl Moonstone Flower Brooch
Item #BW1311117

Rhinestone Brooch with Pendant Pearls
Item #ED13101118

Art Enameled Christmas Tree Pin
Item #AD1312131

Napier Leaf Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #CV132156

Walter Lampl 10K Gold Flower Pin with Simulated Pearl
Item #BW1311118

Mink Afghan Hound Dog Brooch
Item #ED13101116

Stunning Aurora Borealis Pink Dangle Brooch
Item #BT13871

Kramer White Enamel Flower Brooch
Item #AQ135153

Har Enameled Rajah Brooch
Item #BM134205

1930s Enamel & Rhinestone Covered Wagon Pin with Turning Wheels
Item #BM134208

Dainty Walter Lampl Pearl Pansy Pin
Item #CW13483

Jomaz Layered Flower Brooch
Item #BO13523

BSK Jade Fish Brooch
Item #CO138613

Christmas Poodle Dog Brooch
Item #ED13101119

Danecraft Sterling Frog Pin
Item #BO13527

DeLizza & Elster (Juliana) Pink Wreath Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #BO135216

Black & White Plastic Victorian Revival Cameo
Item #BO135218

Lucite Jelly Belly Pansy Fur Clip
Item #BO135219

Coro Quivering Camellias Duette - Dress Clips & Brooch
Item #BP13664

Aqua Rhinestone Brooch
Item #CO139161

Old Coro Enameled Flower Brooch
Item #BU1310265

Walter Lampl Big Retro Sterling Brooch with Emerald Green Stone
Item #BP135118

Walter Lampl Sterling Moonstone-Eyed Swordfish Brooch with Tabby
Item #CZ138293

Huge DeLizza & Elster "Juliana" Ruby & Aurora Borealis Pinwheel Brooch
Item #CM1362012

Walter Lampl Floral Sterling Watch Pin
Item #BP135113

Early Walter Lampl Coral Brooch with Tassel
Item #CM136201

Napier Rainbow "Iris" Rhinestones Flower Brooch
Item #CM136202

Aqua Rhinestone Retro Fur Clip
Item #BP1351115

Stunning Egyptian Revival Cheetah Brooch
Item #BP1351117

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