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Big Rhinestone Pot Metal Flower Brooch
Item #BV13103010

Huge Etrusceana Leaf Brooch
Item #AL135294

DeLizza & Elster (Juliana) Pink and Green Rhinestone Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #CI13356

DeLizza & Elster (Juliana) Citrine & Peridot Wreath Brooch
Item #BO1312175

Pearl Tree of Life Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #BK136158

Big Gold Glass Flower Brooch
Item #AO1351912

Van Dell Yellow & Rose Gold Fill Rhinestone Pin
Item #AO135196

Pinocchio as Santa's Elf Brooch
Item #AO13611

Walter Lampl Big Red Stone Sterling Brooch
Item #CE133214

Trifari Lily of the Valley Brooch
Item #BO1312176

Kramer of New York Garnet Rhinestone Wirework Brooch
Item #AO13615

Older Signed Mexican Sterling Leaf Brooch
Item #DG1341314

Rhinestone Leopard Brooch
Item #DZ1351912

Walter Lampl Sterling Eagle Brooch with Tabby
Item #BO1312179

Indian Turquoise Bow Brooch
Item #AO136214

Huge Trifari Citrine Rhinestone Flower Brooch
Item #BU138106

Coro Folding Locket Brooch
Item #CF132287

Walter Lampl Emerald Rhinestone Wreath Pin & Earrings Set
Item #AO13624

Walter Lampl Retro Flower Gold Filled Brooch
Item #CE133215

Pink Rhinestone Sterling Gold Vermeil Retro Brooch
Item #AO13627

1940 Enameled Pot Metal Parrot Brooch
Item #AK136184

Napier Sterling Rose Gold Vermeil Fur Clip
Item #AQ136232

Cigar Smoking Mexican in Sombrero Plastic Brooch
Item #CE133219

Extraordinary French Signed Art Deco Dancer Brooch
Item #EC1312285

Huge Signed 1940s Obsidian Mask Sterling Brooch
Item #AQ136236

1940s Spanish Dancers Mexican Silver Brooch Set
Item #AQ136237

Early Danecraft Sterling Bow Brooch
Item #AK136185

Sapphire Blue & Aurora Borealis Juliana Style Brooch
Item #AQ136239

Tancer II Black Glass Intaglio Cameo Brooch
Item #AQ1362310

Bakelite & Goofus Glass Sailboat Pin
Item #BY13112615

Massive Eisenberg Sterling Pin Clip
Item #CE13485

Elzac "Bonnet Head" Copper & Lucite Brooch
Item #AR136277

Chocolate Bakelite Anchor Brooch
Item #CE133218

Matisse Renoir Graceful "Orientale" Moderne Brooch
Item #AR136279

Big Wood & Lucite Horse Brooch
Item #AR1362710

Czech Emerald Glass Brooch
Item #CE13486

Joseff Frog on Lilypad Brooch
Item #AT137101

Trifari Maple Leaf Brooch
Item #BU138107

Walter Lampl Gold Fill & Cultured Pearl Brooch and Earrings Set
Item #DB131129

Silver Filigree Agate Brooch
Item #BW131131

Walter Lampl Fringed Watch Brooch
Item #CW13482

Graceful Long-Stemmed Danecraft Flower Brooch
Item #AT137106

Pot Metal Flag Pin
Item #DK1310106

Jeray Sterling Retro Brooch
Item #AT137108

Siam Sterling Nielloware Cobra-Headed Royal Barge Pin
Item #AT137109

HOB Jade & Cultured Pearl Flower Brooch
Item #CI135811

Walter Lampl Victorian Revival Chain Mesh Brooch
Item #BQ137428

Big E&G Ubangi Mexican Sterling Brooch
Item #AT137129

Marslieu Sterling Retro Brooch
Item #AT1371210

Wood Mule Head Pin
Item #AU137202

Big Sterling Gold Vermeil Pink Rhinestone Brooch
Item #AU137204

Walter Lampl Rooster & Frog Watch Pin
Item #AU137108

Wood & Red Thermoplastic Brooch
Item #AU137206

Walter Lampl Victorian Revival Bar-Style Watch Pin
Item #BR13756

Napier Silver Plated Golf Pin
Item #AU137208

Walter Lampl Gold Fill over Sterling Flower Brooch
Item #CF132289

Big Pot Metal Rhinestone Butterfly Brooch
Item #AU137109

1949 Trifari Sapphire Blue Pom-Pom & Tom-Tom Brooch Set
Item #CI134221

Huge Miracle Cairngorm Brooch
Item #CY31526

Carousel Horse Sterling Rose Gold Vermeil Pin
Item #AU137236

Walter Lampl Enameled Sterling Violets Perfume Brooch
Item #CY13529

Eisenberg Lavender Rhinestone Brooch
Item #CY135210

Ledo Gold & Pavee Rhinestone Brooch
Item #AV138410

Green & Blue Rhinestone Moon Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #CY135211

Reja Sterling & Rhinestone Air Force Sweetheart Pin
Item #AV13855

Huge Walter Lampl Sterling & Carved Lapis Brooch
Item #CI134225

1940s Plastic Brownie Pin
Item #AP131142

Leo Glass Retro Red Rhinestone Brooch
Item #BI13354

Big Red Rhinestone Retro Locket Brooch - Sterling Gold Fill
Item #BI13358

Czech Multicolored Rhinestone Rectangular Brooch
Item #DZ135193

Art Deco Blue Enamel and Marcasite Sterling Sailfish Brooch
Item #DZ1351913

Regency Blue & Green Brooch
Item #BW131136

Walter Lampl Pink Rhinestone Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #CH134231

Large Walter Lampl Gold Fill Retro Flower Brooch
Item #BR13754

Enameled Peony Bud Brooch
Item #DZ1351916

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