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Walter Lampl Carved Scarabs Gold Fill Brooch
Item #CE1321812

Huge Kandell & Marcus Rhinestone Waterfall Brooch
Item #DV13977

Art Renaissance Revival Brooch
Item #AK13728

Enameled Green Carnation Brooch with Topaz Rhinestones
Item #BU1310266

Coro Duette Thistle Pin and Clips
Item #CN13859

Retro Sterling Craft by Coro Leaf Brooch
Item #AK1311168

Early Miriam Haskell Unsigned Beaded Dress Clip
Item #BH1322927

Enormous Marla Buck Column Brooch
Item #BJ131031

Black Kirin Convertible Necklace and Brooch
Item #CI1311252

Red Rhinestone Floral Bouquet Brooch
Item #BU1310267

Carl-Art Gold Fill over Silver Flower Brooch
Item #CN138510

Victorian Paste Brooch
Item #DW1361616

Large White Enamel Flower Power Brooch
Item #DJ138274

Kramer Pink Lucite Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #AL1311264

1950 Trifari "Alfred Philippe" Staff Brooch with Pendant Emerald
Item #CK136123

High Relief Conch Shell Cameo Brooch
Item #BM133163

Ralph DeRosa Sterling Pearl & Rhinestone Pin
Item #BH1322928

Enzell Victorian Revival Gold Vermeil Sterling Brooch
Item #AL1311284

Bluebird & Birdhouse Brooch
Item #DY139106

DeRosa Sterling Trembler Pin Clip
Item #DM1312103

Ralph DeRosa Blue Poppy Fur Clip
Item #BH1322929

Art Deco Blue Camellia Brooch
Item #DD131291

Miracle Cross Brooch
Item #AD1312146

Swoboda Jade & Cultured Pearl Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #AD1312147

Coro Sterling Craft Gold Vermeil Ruby Brooch
Item #AI1312282

Walter Lampl Retro Gold Fill "Leaf Spray" Brooch
Item #AI1312283

1935 DeRosa "Point Venice" Sterling Brooch
Item #AI1312284

Stunning & Unique Blue Leather Rose Brooch
Item #CT131229

Trifari Red Enamel Brooch
Item #AI13122810

Handcrafted French Bronze Art Deco Seahorse Brooch
Item #AI13122811

Sassen Sterling Art Glass Pin & Earrings Set
Item #AI13122812

Coro Floral Bouquet Trembler Brooch circa 1940
Item #BY13952

10K Gold Cameo Brooch Circa 1920
Item #DK13256

Huge Blue Topaz & Sterling Walter Lampl Retro Brooch
Item #AC13148

Warner Aurora Borealis Aqua Butterfly Brooch
Item #CE132212

Miriam Haskell Yellow Floral Brooch
Item #BY12954

Sterling Rhinestone Spray Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #CE132213

Sandor Deep Enameled Flower Brooch
Item #AA131224

Triple Flower Rhinestone Brooch
Item #DK13257

Walter Lampl Gold Fill & Pearls Bouquet Brooch
Item #CH1342313

Ralph DeRosa Enameled Golden Leaves Dress Clip
Item #AA131251

Walter Lampl Faux Amethyst Sterling Leaf Brooch
Item #AM13261

Walter Lampl Gold Filled Ribbon Brooch
Item #AM13262

Victorian Garnet and Seed Pearl Brooch
Item #DK132262

Kramer Domed Starburst Brooch
Item #BY13955

Walter Lampl Large Sterling Retro Flower Brooch
Item #DC131133

Clown Scarecrow Fur or Pin Clip
Item #AP1322118

Hector Aguilar for Coro Sterling Brooch
Item #AM13289

Large Dimensional Foliate Rhinestone Brooch
Item #DZ135194

Trifari Red Rhinestone Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #CF132243

Regency Aurora Borealis Blue Rhinestone Comma Brooch
Item #AD132239

Rare Van's Authentic Brooch
Item #BM1342022

Austrian Bug Pin
Item #CG133252

Stunning Weiss Blue Rhinestone Pin & Earrings Set
Item #BV1310303

Copper Foal Pin
Item #AG13383

Victorian Garnet Bar Brooch
Item #DK132264

1946 Walter Lampl "Leaf Spray" Sterling Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #DC131134

Fenichel “V” for Victory World War II Pin
Item #DK132265

Christian Dior Coiled Rope Brooch
Item #CI13352

Deco Style Laminated Lucite Brooch
Item #BO13437

Weiss Large Triangle Rhinestone Brooch
Item #DZ135195

Victorian Garnet Crescent Moon Brooch
Item #DK132263

1950 Trifari "Alfred Philippe" Rhinestone Pin
Item #AE133104

Silson Green Rhinestone Flower Brooch
Item #AI133211

Walter Lampl Sterling Asian Gate Brooch
Item #AJ133212

Hobe Sterling Cobalt Glass Heart Brooch
Item #DZ135198

Monet Starfish Brooch
Item #EB1391213

Green Enamel Siam Sterling Brooch
Item #DI138316

Pink & Topaz Pansy Brooch and Earrings Set
Item #DM1312151

Older David-Andersen Green Enamel Leaf Pin
Item #CV132261

Rafael Melendez Early Taxco Silver Brooch
Item #CN138514

Huge Strawberry Dress Clip
Item #DJ138178

F.A. Hermann Edwardian Enamel Bar Pin
Item #BK136165

Rare Fenichel Enameled Flowers Fur or Pin Clip
Item #CI1342214

Uncas Enameled Flower Brooch
Item #AU137103

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