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"Nothing But The Best" is the page where we gather together the pieces we believe represent the highest expression of vintage jewelry from all eras and in all styles. These beauties have been chosen for their quality of workmanship, materials, and design, as well as by their scarcity and timeless chic. If you see pieces elsewhere on our site that you believe should be included on this page, please contact us and let us know. We want this feature to be a treat for the eyes, as well as an educational forum for those seeking to further their understanding of vintage jewelry.

Sigi Pineda Sterling Boomerang Brooch
Item #BL1331513

Extraordinary 1950s Navajo Handstamped and Painted Bucket Purse
Item #XX194111

Trifari Great Blue Heron Jelly Belly
Item #AA1311121

1950 Boucher Abstract Twisted Staff Brooch
Item #DF134299

Rare Walter Lampl 1940 Chinese Maid and Man Pin or Fur Clips
Item #BB13311

Walter Lampl Carved Cinnabar Brooch
Item #CF1310151

Wide Victorian Sterling Buckle Hinged Bangle Bracelet
Item #DH127142

1930s Czech Chalcedony Blue Glass Necklace
Item #DW116161

Boucher Gold Vermeil Sterling WW2 U.S. Army Medical Corps Brooch
Item #AN131235

Stunning Eisenberg Red & Black Diamond Rhinestone Necklace
Item #DF114251

Schreiner Pink Moonglow Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #CD13232

Art Deco Blue Camellia Brooch
Item #DD131291

Boucher Gilded Lily Brooch
Item #AZ1310311

Patrick Yazzie Sterling & Mediterranean Red Coral Navajo Bracelet
Item #DK12254

DeLizza & Elster (Juliana) Green Striped Stone Gun Metal Brooch
Item #BC136174

Japanese Sterling and Carved Quartz Pagoda Bracelet
Item #BY12951

Large Reja Sterling Arrow Brooch
Item #CJ1352113

Very Early Walter Lampl Art Deco Silver Filigree Bracelet
Item #CI12587

Los Castillo Modernist Sterling Earrings
Item #AC15144

Ledesma Abstract Animal Design Sterling Earrings
Item #AC159265

Coro Floral Bouquet Trembler Brooch circa 1940
Item #BY13952

Pair of Art Deco Green Fruit Salad Flower Basket Clips
Item #DK1310233

Fenichel Montana Blue & White Rhinestone Pendant Necklace
Item #CD11231

Joseff of Hollywood Art Nouveau Style Dress Clip
Item #BQ13741

Magnificent Nettie Rosenstein Sterling Vermeil Rhinestone Bracelet
Item #BI12351

Art Deco Woman with Fruit Basket Brooch
Item #BB13317

1953 Napier Frosted Leaves Earrings
Item #ED15111914

Rare Sandor Mother of Pearl Petal Flower Earrings
Item #BC116177

Fabulous Regency Blue Rhinestone Earrings
Item #DY1581716

1920s Gold Vermeil Sterling Orange Jade Charm Bracelet
Item #AF127283

Carved Bakelite Perfume or Scent Bottle Brooch
Item #CK136122

Reja Sterling & Rhinestone Air Force Sweetheart Pin
Item #AV13855

Walter Lampl Carnelian Art Deco Bracelet
Item #CZ1282911

Extraordinary French Onyx & Pearl Mourning Brooch
Item #BL1331515

Coro Hidden Watch Bracelet
Item #EF121189

Rebajes "Brazilian Mask" Bracelet, Brooch, & Earrings Set
Item #AZ121187

Ralph DeRosa Enameled Golden Leaves Fur Clip
Item #AA131251

Extraordinary Pink Flower Brooch
Item #DK1310109

1949 Trifari Sapphire Blue Pom-Pom & Tom-Tom Brooch Set
Item #CI134221

Walter Lampl Sterling & 14K Gold Carnelian and Moonstone Brooch
Item #BE111923

Rafael Melendez Early Taxco Silver Brooch
Item #CN138514

Walter Lampl 14K Plique a Jour Diamond & Citrine Dragonfly
Item #CC131149

Elzac "Bonnet Head" Copper & Lucite Brooch
Item #AR136277

Jaw-Dropping Blue Fenichel Bracelet, Brooch, & Earrings Set
Item #CZ128298

Extraordinary German Art Deco Sterling & Poured Glass Brooch
Item #CK136124

Magnificent Napier Cuff Bracelet
Item #DP12331

Walter Lampl Cinnabar & Turquoise Chinese Brooch
Item #DI13838

Magnificent Staret Scrolling Floral Bouquet Brooch
Item #BF1312513

Trifari Sterling Jellybelly "Thumbprint" Swan Brooch
Item #CQ13911

Georgian Hair & Natural Pearl Pendant
Item #AR119175

Har Enameled Rajah Brooch
Item #BM134205

Schiaparelli Iridescent Tulip Brooch
Item #CI1311251

Matched Pair of Joseff of Hollywood Cuff Bracelets
Item #EB1212201

Exceptional Modernist German Copper Artisan Cuff Bracelet
Item #AO1211261

Miriam Haskell Unsigned Red Wood Necklace
Item #CM111175

Joseff of Hollywood Turquoise Cabochon Choker Necklace
Item #EB1112202

Miriam Haskell Unsigned Red Wood Bracelet
Item #CM121176

Regency Purple Rhinestone Necklace
Item #BP119256

1944 Sterling CoroCraft Crown Brooch
Item #AZ1312710

Stunning Art Deco Filigree Bracelet
Item #AJ123261

Huge Christian Dior Bar Brooch
Item #BJ131011

Extraordinary Siam Silver Large Cuff Bracelet
Item #DI128315

World War II Australian Coin Hearts Sweetheart Necklace
Item #DK112267

Enormous Marla Buck Column Brooch
Item #BJ131031

Mazer Sterling Retro Bracelet
Item #AK127212

DeLizza & Elster (Juliana) Brilliant Blue & Olivine Brooch
Item #BH1310195

Art Deco Diamond, Sapphire, and Platinum Ring
Item #CE1932113

Massive Mexican Sterling & Faux Alexandrite Hinged Bangle Bracelet & Earrings Set
Item #DD123211

Joseff of Hollywood Turquoise Cabochon Bracelet
Item #EB1212203

Art Deco Onyx & Blue Zircon 10K Ring
Item #CE19482

Enormous DeLizza & Elster (Juliana) Rhinestone & Crystal Earrings
Item #CA158188

Sherman Red Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Necklace
Item #BQ118193

Chinese Kingfisher Feather Dragon Pin
Item #AW137116

Native Alaskan Ivory & Baleen Stretch Bracelet – Polar Bears
Item #CY12523

Schreiner Chocolate Ruffle Brooch & Earrings Set
Item #AO1311262

Kramer Rhinestone and Simulated Jade Necklace & Earrings Set
Item #BB115276

Joseff of Hollywood Turquoise Cabochon Earrings
Item #EB1512204

Maurice Sterling Huge Retro Chatelaine Brooches
Item #BF132218

Walter Lampl Art Deco Green & White Glass Bracelet
Item #EA128243

Stanley Hagler Pearl Earrings
Item #AI156106

Joseff of Hollywood “Wings” Necklace
Item #EB1112205

DeRosa Sterling Trembler Pin Clip
Item #DM1312103

Native Alaskan Ivory & Baleen Stretch Bracelet – Dog Sled
Item #CX127106

Regency Topaz Cabochon Aurora Borealis Necklace
Item #EA1182423

Joseff of Hollywood Victorian Revival Brooch
Item #EB1312206

Joseff of Hollywood Winged Victory Brooch
Item #EB1312207

Victorian Bay and Acorn Carved Oak Brooch
Item #DL131158

Hollycraft 1957 Scroll Earrings
Item #DR155207

Tortolani Aquarius Zodiac Earrings
Item #DO151123

Coralynn Pence Modernist Sterling Earrings
Item #AU1518103

Swarovski Leopard Brooch
Item #DQ13336

Antonio Pineda Mexican Silver Pierced Earrings
Item #BS155124

Outstanding 1930s German Braided Chain Rope Necklace
Item #BS115126

1945 Coro Sterling Lucite Jelly Belly Ant Brooch
Item #DR1352012

Joseff of Hollywood Turtle Brooch
Item #EB1312208

Mazer Emerald Rhinestone Brooch
Item #EB13122010

Mazer Emerald Rhinestone Earrings
Item #EB15122011

Stunning 9.5 Carat Synthetic Yellow Sapphire "Countess Madeleine" Ring
Item #DQ191111

Huge Ottoman Filigree Belt Buckle
Item #DD166161

Frost Arts and Crafts Workshops Swallow Brooch
Item #DD1361611

Huge Antique Tibetan Ceremonial Necklace
Item #EC11122810

Walter Lampl Chinese Cinnabar & Turquoise Dragon Brooch
Item #AP11383

1930s Pair of Chinese Turquoise Dress Clips
Item #CR137103

Huge Trifari Citrine Rhinestone Flower Brooch
Item #BU138106

Bogoff Brilliant Pendant Drops Necklace & Earrings Set
Item #BE118201

Classic Bakelite Cherry Bar Brooch
Item #BE138206

Extraordinary French Signed Art Deco Dancer Brooch
Item #EC1312285

Early 1930s Carved Cinnabar Dress Clip
Item #AP131141

1930s Silver Plated Bow Collar Necklace
Item #ED1110115

Etrusceana Maltese Cross Heart Brooch
Item #ED1310119

Georg Jensen Sterling Cuff Links & Tie Bar Set
Item #CV161202

1953 Napier Frosted Leaves Brooch
Item #ED13111913

Rare Sonia Lee Large Sterling Quiver and Bow Brooch
Item #DT134288

Stunning 1955 Pink and Pearl Beaded Hollycraft Bracelet
Item #DT12552

Trifari Golden Feather Brooch
Item #DT13556

Benedikt N.Y. Red Maltese Cross Brooch
Item #EE1311295

English Sterling Edwardian Morpho Butterfly Wing Brooch
Item #AS135191

Edwardian Opal Glass & Pastes Necklace
Item #AS115197

1970 Aldo Cipullo for Charles Revson Love Bracelet
Item #BB12685

Killer Whale Bracelet by Northwest Coast Master Lincoln Wallace
Item #AL12871

Extraordinary Hans Myhre Guilloche Enamel Butterfly Brooch
Item #CS139104

Kramer Cascade Negligee Necklace
Item #CS119108

Mikimoto Pearl Necklace
Item #AJ118204

Gucci Enameled Sterling Dog Collar Necklace
Item #CB11933

Pink Sterling Flower Clips
Item #DV13972

Outstanding Weiss Pink Rhinestone Bracelet
Item #DV12973

Huge Kandell & Marcus Rhinestone Waterfall Brooch
Item #DV13977

Long Magnificent Schreiner Crystal Earrings
Item #DV15978

French Pink Pate de Verre Necklace & Earrings Set
Item #DV15979

Silson "Columbine" Dancer Brooch
Item #DV139721

Whiting & Davis “Princess Mary” Sunset Mesh Wrist Strap Evening Bag
Item #DX1962711

Trifari Chalcedony Blue Tulip Flower Fruit Salad Earrings
Item #DX157216

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